Our Mission

Supply quality US origin and manufactured steel railroad products, provide innovative engineered products and address issues by presenting railroad engineered based solutions.

featured products

Compromise Joint Bars

Compromise Joint Bars

  • Forged Microalloyed Compromise Joint Bar
  • Manufactured Compromise Joint Bar
Joint Bars

Joint Bars

We offer many different types of joint bars.

  • Heavy Duty AREMA Standard Joint Bars
  • Improved AREMA High Strength Joint Bars
  • Splice Bars
  • Compression Full Toe Joint Bars
Work Safe Track Hand Cart

Work Safe Track Hand Cart

  • Handled Safely by One Person
  • Uninsulated & Insulated Wheels
  • Disassembly Wheel System
  • Deck 36 in. X 48 in. with 2,000 Capacity

See cart Specifications & details.

Who we are

US railroad steel supplier that utilizes US steel manufacturing

Advocate for the 1933 “BUY AMERICA PROGRAM”

Associated Rail Products was created with the support of US product supply inventories to provide competitive pricing for quality US product’s while maintaining reliable and dependable service.



American Manufactured Steel

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