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Heavy Duty Joint Bars

Heavy Duty Joint Bars for 132#/136#/141# RE Rail and 112#/115#/119# RE Rail
Manufactured to meet both AREMA Standard Strength and Improved High Strength Physical Properties

Heavy duty joint bars are made with US Microalloy
steel that enhances durability and reduces the brittleness,
which provides the least Residual Stress in joint bars
according to TTCI testing. (See TTCI Test Graph)
Stock bars are 24 inches long for 4-hole joint bars
and 36 inches long for 6-hole joint bars. Milling hole
patterns can be Standard AREMA or alternate lengths,
hole size, and hole spacing patterns as specified. Bolt holes
are CNC machined verse punching. Round and oval
holes are milled by removing micro millimeter slivers of
steel shavings that absorb the heat.
This process
reduces the effect of heat stressing the bars which is prevalent
when heating and punching holes. Milling practically
eliminates the stress fracture nick defect associated with hot
punching holes in steel. According to FRA Class I
revenue track surveys in 2012 to 2013, the majority of the
bolt hole cracking was observed to be a manufacturing
anomaly, presumed to be nick defects from punching
the hole in the bar. (See Engineered Studies On Joint Bar Integrity, Part 1: Field Surveys And Observed Failure Modes).
Joint bars are cold sawn verses cropped, which
reduces Residual Stresses.

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115RE & 135RE Joint Bars

CNC Machined Holes

TTCI Test Graph

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AREMA Standard And High Strength Join Bar Information

Associated Rail Products supply resources can meet and exceed the AREMA Standard and High Strength Joint Bar Physical Properties.


a. The material shall conform to the following requirements:
  • Tensile strength, minimum psi
  • Yield point, minimum psi
  • Elongation in 2", minimum percent
  • Reduction of area, minimum percent
  • Charpy V-notch at-40° F, ft. lb. (avg. value)


Hight Strength

Splice Bars

Splice Bars are made with US produced A-36 material. Bar length is 16 in. long for 12#, 16#, 20#, 25#, 30# bars and 20 in. long for 40#, 60#, 80# & 85# bars. Holes are punched and bars are manufactured to provide a snug fit. Other length and hole patterns are available per customer specifications. 

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A.S.C.E. Compression Full Toe Splices Bar

Full Toe Splice bars are made with US produced steel which meets A-36 standards. The 20 in. long bars fit 40#, 60#, 80#, and 85# rail.  Holes are punched oval unless otherwise specified. Length of toe, bar length and hole patterns can be made to customer specifications.

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Compression Angle Type Full Toe Joint Bars

This Compression Angle Type Full Toe Splice/Joint Bars provide good strength integrity in the rail joint section. You get a compression fit with a supporting toe that helps prevent the rail from rolling. The Standard sizes the we produce are for 90# RA-A, 85#ASCE, 80#ASCE, 60#ASCE and 40#ASCE rail sections per our drawing submittals. These five bar sizes are the bars that we inventory, note that the inventory will vary depending on our manufacturing operations schedules and order volumes. Our experience with sending sample to railroads has been that these basic bar size fit many different rail sizes. And if they do not fit, most of the time modifications can be made to make them fit.

Modifications to Customize Compression Angle Type Full Toe Joint Bars

We have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to modify the height, toe length and bolt hole spacing for most rail sections. You can compare our print to your current rail size or we can send you a bar sample to check if they fit your rail section. Custom modification of the splice/joint bars takes 3 to 4 weeks and requires additional manufacturing set-up costs. Finally, a solution to those hard to find splice/joint bars, our custom modifications assures the splice/joint bars will fit your rail section and provide structural track integrity.

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