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Forged 6-Hole Compromise Joint Bars With Re-Enforced Bar Center

115# to 136# X 36 In. Forged 6-Hole Compromise Joint Bar With Re-enforced Bar Center

Compromise bars are made with US forged Microalloy steel. The center of the bars have a unique
2-1/2″ X 2-3/4″ steel re-enforcement providing added strength. Bars are 36” long with six-holes and are
handed. Compromise bars are milled on CNC machine with center of tool coolant and lubrication cutter to
standard or any diameter hole and spacing that is specified, eliminating the need for field rail cutting and
drilling when end rail hole patterns are different from the compromise bar. This process reduces the effect of

heat stressing the bars which is prevalent when heating and punching holes.


136RE to115RE 6-Hole Compromise Bar Specifications 

136RE to 115RE Forged 6-Hole, 36” Compromise Bar (Handed)

Bolt holes CNC machined to standard or custom specifications

Bars are sawcut – Not Sheard

100% US Melted & processed Microalloyed Compromise bar 

Per AREMA Chapter 4 Section 3.4 Specifications


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