About - ARP

Our Mission

Supply quality US origin and manufactured steel railroad products, provide innovative engineered products and address issues by presenting railroad engineered based solutions.

Who we are

US railroad steel supplier that utilizes US steel manufacturing

Advocate for the 1933 “BUY AMERICA PROGRAM”

Associated Rail Products was created with the support of US product supply inventories to provide competitive pricing for quality US product’s while maintaining reliable and dependable service.

Buy America

When considering starting this Associated Rail Products, LLC US steel supply business, several factors influenced me. First, I have a quality supply of US made steel products manufactured by several reliable supplier’s and producers. Secondly, I was repeatedly told of quality issues regarding various steel railroad products. Finally, it was the scope and heritage of the Buy America Program that convinced me it was not only a good direction, but also the right direction.

The Buy America Program was created in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt to help lift our nation out of the Great Depression. The program got wide spread support and helped put people back to work to help create our great nation as an economic power. I hope by providing a quality US steel supply resource from Associated Rail Products, LLC, my company will not only help the railroad industry build better and safer railroads but also save and possibly create a new US job.

So, when considering making a steel railroad product purchase for federally funded or regular construction and maintenance, please consider “Buying America” to support Family and Country.

Tony Chambers


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